iOS App not finding hub - Vlan unifi

I’ve been needing to use my he ip on my mobile browser to connect to my hub from iOS. The he app has challenges when I connect to my core vlan, with my unifi (udmp) on my iot vlan. I have rules setup that core can go to iot.

Am I missing something/setting why my app is not working?

I have almost the identical configuration - iOS app on a user VLAN connecting to HE on a HA VLAN with firewall rules allowing cross-connectivity. UDM Pro with Unfi APs and managed switches. It works fine for me. Would be happy to reveiw settings etc.

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Can you clarify if you are unable to access it from the iOS HE app only but you can access it from a browser or you are unable to connect to HE from both?

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iOS HE app can not locate the hub when I try to connect/find it. Have tried uninstall/reinstall app, same problem.

Using browser on same iOS device, can login with the IP.

Btw, I did have it working in the past. Changed some network up/ranges, since then not working. App seems to not clear out cache.

Within the app, tools->registered hubs lists my hubs with the wrong up address.

When I click on find hubs, finding time out.

Sounds like this isn’t an issue related to VLANs/firewall rules.

I could be mistaken, but I believe this is something that should be addressed in the next platform update. @gopher.ny

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