iOS App local hub launch screen

I have a hubitat local hub, I don't want to connect it to the cloud. When I launch the mobile app I have to choose find hub and select the hub I have already added to the list, then click devices, etc. to get to my actual controls. All these extra steps add up to a significant amount of time to simply turn on a light.

Is it possible to skip these steps and have the app load straight to the devices? or a custom dashboard?

I went to the desired webpage locally on the hub through safari then added a bookmark to the home screen.


Not sure why yours is asking you to select the hub every time (it should remember and only change if you log out of the app), but you don't really need the app to control devices. The "Devices" tab in the mobile app is supposed to make this easier (but again, probably not if you have to select the hub...), but Hubitat Dashboard is a built-in option that allows you to view and control devices. The app provides easy access to it (though again, probably not if you have to select the hub...), but they are just webpages you can bookmark. The "child app" for your particular Dashboard (again, the child Dashboard app in the admin UI, not the Dashboard itself) will have the link. I'm not sure what it was suggested to bookmark above, but the Dashboard will probably be easier to turn on/off things than the admin UI. You just have to set it up first. But the admin UI will work too if you don't mind that interface. can find some way to automate this. (Motion sensor? Time of day? Maybe a remote/button device?) If you have to pull your phone out to turn on or off lights, it's just a really expensive, cumbersome light switch. There are a lot of ways a hub like Hubitat can help you make this a smart device and not a more annoying one. :slight_smile: You can find lots of ideas here, or perhaps someone can suggest something if you have any ideas.

Good luck!

I have the same issue. I don't understand how this is supposed to work, but from the app the "dashboards" are accessed through the cloud, they take 3-4 seconds to load.

When I go to "Tool>Connect to a hub" it connects locally (using the IP address). It opens a safari browser instance, where dashboard loads or any other page loads are instant, super quick.

I click "done" and it closes Safari and returns me to the app, where the dashboard loads slowly again (using where xxxxx is a different dashboard).

Surely this is an error? Why does the app not use the local IP and instead use the cloud address?

How can I change this behaviour to default to the IP and not cloud connection?

In any case, I just bought another Hub (Have a C5 bought a Black Friday C7) to support this project. Order a bunch of Lifx bulbs which I am looking forward to setting up. Finally retired my Homey Pro last week.