iOS App Battery Drain

In the past couple months I’m seeing an incredible battery drain from the iOS app.

Apologies if this has been previously reported, if so please let me know.

Do you have the High Accuracy Presence feature enabled in the Advanced GeoFence settings section? If so, you may want to disable that feature to see if it improves battery life.

I have started using HomeKit’s Geofencing functionality to turn on/off a “Virtual Presence with Switch” device, that I exposed to HomeKit using Hubitat’s built-in HomeKit integration. You’ll need a device on your home network that can act as a HomeKit Hub (e.g. Apple TV or HomePod), as this provides the ability to remotely communicate from your phone to your home network.

Life360 works pretty well, but it too can be a little bit of a battery user.

Locative works great and has very, very low impact on battery life. It does take a little more work up front to get it setup, but only relies on the Hubitat cloud server for remote communications with the HE hub.

And, there are still more options available, like webCoRE’s presence sensor, Amazon Alexa, etc…

My point is…if Hubitat’s mobile app’s geofencing feature is what causes the battery issue, there are quite a few other options.


I am still using Locative on my iPhone 12 since you helped me out with it (maybe 8-10 months ago). I now have a homepodmini and the built in HE integration running but Locative is working so well I just can’t bring myself to upset it.

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Definitely no reason to change from Locative! I still run Locative on my phone, but added a new HomeKit virtual presence sensor when Life360 started acting a little wonky on my wife's iPhone. I figured, why not try the HomeKit integration??? So, now I have both running on my phone, but Hubitat automations are currently using the new HomeKit one just to see how well it compares to Locative. Both approaches seem more reliable than Life360, and use less battery.


They're also less intrusive than Life360 ..... :male_detective: :smile: