IOS 9.3.5 white screen

I have an old iPad running iOS 9.3.5 that use to work OK via Safari and that is now giving me a white screen when trying to HTTP on my dashboard. I found a post mentionning something about a bug at some point in time, so I'm wondering if it is possible that the bug resurface? Any body else having this issue?
I'm running the on a REV C-5, and the on a REV C-7 and my iPad displays this white screen when attempting to http on both.

OK, I know this is an old post, but I’m getting the same white screen issue with an old iPad and 9.3.5. I’m on using a couple of C8s, a C7, and a C5. I’ve methodically changed and tested all of the Safari options with no luck. Newer iPads work fine.

That’s a really old version of iOS.

According to the Hubitat app’s listing in the App Store, iPadOS v. 12.1 or later is required.

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Yeah, that old iPad is so old that hardly anything runs on it now. I only found one other browser besides Safari that will install from the app store. 9.3.5 was the last iOS update so it's probably full of security issues.

The only thing running on it is the Tempest weather app and that works well.

I hear you, it can be frustrating when you have mobile device hardware that still works, but can’t run more recent operating system versions.

At some point, app developers can’t reasonably ensure they’re maintaining compatibility with older OS versions while also keeping their app updated to work with subsequent changes to the OS.


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