[iOS 2.0] HSM on Welcome tab feedback

First, "disarmed" is lowercase, this annoys me. Not sure if that was intentional or not but fellow OCD people will probably like to see it as "Disarmed"

Second, the only thing I use the dashboard tile for is "Cancel All Alerts" which seems to be missing from this new button on the welcome page. Any chance that could be added?


Thanks for your feedback. Also check this thread for known issues:


Did not even think to look at a known issues post since it just came out!
You already knew some things we would find.


The HSM features have been updated in the app, but still missing the Cancel All Alerts option.

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@moncho1138 looks like this is fixed, there is a "Cancel All Alerts" red text at the bottom.

There is virtually no feedback when you tap it though, makes me think it is not doing anything even though it possibly is. Some sort of animation would probably work with a little status message that shows up right under that "button" confirming it worked. Or a pop up alert alerts are canceled with an OK box, although not a huge fan of more pop ups.

Eventually you should be able to see the current status and the active alerts, so when you click cancel all the active alert would disappear. Like you see in logs:


Meaning in a future version or should I test it now? I did not have any alerts going off I just saw the button in there and clicked it.

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Not there yet, still a work in progress.

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