[iOS 2.0] app crash when hub powered off

No kidding! :cry:

We need a way to remove or hide devices from the Devices view that we don't want to be there.
It is too easy to accidentally switch something on/off.


My fingers are my enemy as well when swiping around in apps that control devices. I've turned off plugs a few times accidentally. I like the idea of providing hide option, or allowing some sort of option to "Disable/Enable" devices in the list.

I’ll second that! There are devices that I would rather not appear that.

Another option that could be of use is to provide the ability to make some devices « read only » so that they will show, but cannot be updated. It would need to be obvious however that they are non-updatable, otherwise, this will create confusion…

I have 'fixed' this easily for myself enabling the 'Always On' preference in this custom driver, but it may be a good idea if such option was available in HE stock drivers as well - it is very useful in cases like this!

Alwasy On


That is a great approach! I had some devices that I used to monitor power usage - very useful for those.