[iOS 2.0] After crash, mobile device created at first run of app is missing from app

Launched the app on iphone, created my device, app crashed shortly after while looking through UI.

Restarted app, and phone device I had just created (seemingly successfully) was missing from the intial setup screen, and from my hub (c8-Pro). Screen below - I had created a new device called 6p-iphone. Missing from screen below after restarting app after crash.

Created phone device again using a different name, and app crashed again just as I completed re-creating the phone device.

Mind sharing the iOS version?

It was probably not created before the app crashed.

iOS 15.8 on old iPhone 6P. Updating to 15.8.2 as we type. :slight_smile:

Yes, that seems likely. It did create it the second time I tried, it seems, before it crashed.