[iOS 1.2.8:139] Need details on Notification fixes

Can we get some more details on the notification fixes?

I had moved a lot of my notifications over to Telegram due to the longer ones getting cut off and I could not see the full text in the app history. If this is possibly fixed I can push some more back to the mobile app to test it out.

You can now open them from the iOS notification itself, or from the list in the app. Full notification shows.


The "Notifications" tab in the app hasn't been working for me for a while (see "Notifications" item in mobile app no longer works) - I have since deleted and reinstalled the application but it stil doesn't work. Now I get an "invalid token" alert - this is still the case after updating to 1.2.8. (139).

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

To force a new token do the following:

  • Logout on settings
  • Delete the app
  • Install and select the same device again.

This should fix the "invalid token"

Thanks, but unfortuntately that didn't work. I'm still getting the "invalid token" message when clicking on notifications.

Any other suggestions?

After deleting the app, delete the mobile device on the hub, this will also force to create a new device with a new token

Did as instructed and still get three invalid token :cry:

Now I have to update AFL my notifications to go to three newly created device and I still can’t access previous notifications.

Notifications are much better now, I can see the whole thing in the app for sure. Need to wait for a really long one or manually test, to see how the pop up works exactly.

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