Iolloi Zigbee LED-Dimmer

Anyone have any of these iolloi Zigbee LED-Dimmer, thinking of getting one for the Lounge. Only thing is I don’t really need it!

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I was just looking at these dimmer and was interested to buy one as well. But I don`t see them as part of the Compatible Devices. Is there any one that has use them with Hubitat and know if they are working?

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Yes I ordered one and after a few attempts it joined to hubitat as a RGBgenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer.

Seems to work fine.

Providing you have led lights that supports dimming.

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I'm only just beginning my Hubitat journey (considering migrating from Smartthings), and I can vouch for these dimmers from Candeo.

I have a few setup in Smartthings, and they also work well with Hubitat.

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