Iobroker .. anyone using it with HE?

Intrigued with iobroker currently. It is a much more extensive project than I realised. Is anyone using it alongside HE either for features/devices or UI/Dashboard purposes?

I’ve seen a couple of Eufy posts but not much else.

I used it in passing two or three years ago as there were some pretty good UI examples floating around. I didn't progress it much past a proof of concept, although I do still use one of the dashboards for my realtime solar PV display.

I use the node-red "version" of it though as opposed to a standalone one, not sure it's still actively developed - node-red-vis (node) - Node-RED - I seem to recall there were a number of hoops to jump through to actually get it running in later versions of node-red.

Hi Martyn.. :wave:

iobroker now has an adapter for node-red which allows you to run NR within iobroker. It includes some nodes for communication with iobroker objects. It seems to be an older version of NR installed by default though.

Currently I'm linking HE and iobroker using my MQTT app - which works without modification which is neat. However there could be other, maybe easier ways for the user via Maker API if an adapter was written for iobroker like there is for Home Assistant and OpenHAB for example.

That's interesting, IIRC the one I'm using is the other way round, runs an instance of iobroker within node-red.

I may revisit it at some point, it was pretty cool at the time, I only gave it a passing look though as shortly after that some of the built in dashboards for node-red were released so I switched most stuff to that.

My solar pv one still works well though!

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Hi Kevin-
Would you be able to provide more detail for your MQTT app? I have ioBroker running on a Raspberry Pi 4 as well as Hubitat. ioBroker has a Eufy-Security adapter that I would like to interface with Hubitat to change the motion detection and other settings on my Eufy cameras.

At the moment any direct iobroker integration is a way down my todo list but..

Ioroker has an MQTT adaptor and that basically publishes state payloads for iobroker devices. It also has return control topics so you can control devices via MQTT, This works well for switches and lights etc. but I suspect will not work well for your camera settings.

If the iobroker MQTT adaptor does provide enough control of the settings for the camera via the broker then my MQTT app on Hubitat can also read and write to those topics. Perhaps try installing the adaptor and see what is published from the Eufy camera. If it's adequate then I can help you with the HE MQTT side.

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