IO Board interfaces

I'd like to monitor a dozen or so digital & analog sensors with Hubitat. Are there any available I/O boards or digital & analog interfaces to Hubitat? I suppose one could use a dry contact sensor for the digital signals, but I haven't found anything for the analog signals.

Digital: Is this device outputting 0v or 5v?
Analog: What voltage between 0 and 5v (or 0-1024 bits) is this device outputting?

Thanks for any ideas

The a look at the MonaLisa board by one of the member here.


thank you! I was just thinking that interfacing to an Arduino would be the most flexible.

If you're at all familiar with Arduino-type boards, you can take a look at my HubDuino project. HubDuino supports both Ethernet and WiFi based Arduino and ESP8266/ESP32 boards.

If you like the Zigbee-based MonaLisa board, you may want to use it as a standalone device with my Hubitat Driver available at

This driver exposes pretty much all of the MonaLisa's GPIO and settings within Hubitat.