Introduction of another Wink defector

Moving from Wink to Hubitat. Currently, I have Lutron Dimmers/Switches/Fan Control, (Hub Pro on the way) and a Schlage Lock. I am adding more and looking to improve my game. I used to be a Crestron/Lutron programmer so I have insane expectations and no budget. Impatiently waiting on my Hubitat to arrive today.


Welcome to Hubitat. Prepare to be blown away, and that's not hyperbole. The functionality of the hubitat hub and the amazing group of developers here, make this the HA platform that other platforms envy.

Look around the forums. Look at the insane collection of integrations, apps and drivers.

It's bad really bad. Stuff works so well I've spent thousands more on devices than originally planned. Poor me :grinning:


Welcome! I just joined up last week, also from Wink. I've spent so much time researching and thinking of new automations (in a good way). I too have also bought multiple new devices due to the excitement, haha.



Welcome!!! Get ready to dig in.. will be an adventure I think. Just make sure you rebuild your network properly..


I have now added my first device. After reading the community posts I was nervous, but this process went smoothly.

I have a Schlage BE469ZP Z-Wave Plus Deadbolt. I factory reset the deadbolt and then ran the Z Wave include on the hubitat and clicked the connect button. The device was discovered and I was pleased to find I could even re-create my unlock codes from the Hubitat. So far, with one device, I am very pleased. Now if my Lutron Pro would get here, I would be even happier.