Internet source for new construction to Hubitat

Hello community. Wondering about out of the box solutions for internet to my Hubitat before I move in.

Have two Hubs, have new house that I should move into by the end of the month, and I want to start setting it up, and checking for Z wave and other coverage. BUT no internet for at least a little while. ( awaiting conduit to the house for low voltage ) So any out of the box thoughts on getting internet to the Hubitat so I can start testing/ deploying? If I do a wifi hotspot, I don't have internet available to the switch, that I can think of...

You can use a ethernet to Wifi bridge and then use your phone hotspot.

I have an older version that works well for this type of scenario.

Do you mean you won't have an Internet connection, or you just won't have a wired LAN in your house (e.g., CAT6 or whatever you're running) until later? If you'll have access to an Internet connection (including using your phone as a hotspot if you don't have fiber, cable, DSL, or whatever in the house yet either), the above product would certainly work as described, and there have also been similar ones (e.g., recommended on the forum in the past. Basically, they allow you to bridge a Wi-Fi connection to a device (like the hub) that can only connect to wired.

But do note that Hubitat does not need an Internet connection except for initial setup (to register an account and download firmware), to upgrade hub firmware, or for using obvious cloud services like the cloud Dashboard links or Alexa/GH integration. Just a connection on the same LAN as your phone or laptop would work for administering the hub, setting up devices, viewing logs, and the LAN dashboards--no Internet required. And even without any LAN connection at all, the hub will still continue to work fine for automations you've configured with Zigbee and Z-Wave devices.

If you're just curious about Zigbee and Z-Wave range, you could just use it sans Internet. You might even be able to get away without worrying about any of the above by setting up the hub initially at your existing home (so it can download firmware and whatnot), then setting up an optionally no-Internet LAN at your new place that both your hub and laptop/phone can connect to to administer the hub (if you're using a wireless router that doesn't provide any wired LAN ports or you want to put the hub somewhere it can't go while wired, you may still need something like the above for the hub). You will need a way to find the hub on this network (most routers provide a web interface you can find connected devices by MAC or hostname) since obviously won't work.

tl;dr Adding, removing, and controlling Zigbee, Z-Wave, and local LAN devices (e.g., Hue Bridge) will work without the Internet (as long as the hub is already set up), which sounds like it might be all you're curious to try. :slight_smile: