Internet reset

Has anyone set up a rule to power cycle an outlet upon internet loss? Unfortunately, I'm right on the edge of service of the best ISP in my area (wireless internet). With the humidity we've had lately as well as any weather at all, we lose connection and need to reset our antenna. I was looking for a dedicated solution, but all are either beyond my price range or uber cheap and I don't necessarily trust connecting it to my network. It seems like it should be fairly simple - every minute ping an external IP. If there's no response, cycle a Z wave outlet. If possible, it'd also be nice to add some more parameters - cycle a maximum of 3 times and not within 5 minutes of each other. Any ideas?

Hey I have setup a rule to do exactly what you described.

Using two HTTP Presence Sensors , one pinging google and the other pinging facebook.

If they both report not presence for 5 minutes, then it will power cycle my modem and router which are connected to smart sockets.

It will continue to power cycle every hour until internet connection is back.

My RM rule as below


I do in fact do what you are wanting to do, but for a slightly different purpose.

I have AT&T U-Verse Fiber, and as a result I am forced to use their stupid modem/router combo and if I want to use my own router it either has to be in AP mode or have a double NAT with a router behind router config. After some research I found out a bypass method using an unmanaged switch that holds the ONT in an authenticated state while bridging the WAN ports between my router, their gateway, and their ONT. This is where the smart plug and web pinger come in, the ATT gateway is on the plug so when the power comes up, the gateway turns on, authenticates with the ONT, and then turns off. The router then has it's MAC spoofed to the Gateway's MAC so that the authentication stays but the gateway is no longer on the network so there is no collision. But this is triggered when the internet is determined to be offline, and will continue this cycle until the internet is returned. Sometimes even though the ONT is authenticated, there is collision between the two routers, so the Auto-Off serves to shut it down to see if that is the case, but if the internet still does not come back, it will go through the cycle again.

I do this with three things: RM, Web Pinger, and Auto Off.


Note: Repetition rate tailored towards the authentication time for the gateway.


Note: The system start immediately turns the internet status virtual switch off, and then checks with the web pinger at an interval tailored towards the authentication time for the gateway.

Auto Off

Note: Timer there was customized to my hardware to account for how long it takes to authenticate under normal conditions + fudge

Just came across this and it appears to be just what I need, thanks a lot for posting the example.

One question however, as I read thru the logic, if Facebook and Google stop pinging, and the repeat action is triggered, and then only ONE of them starts pinging again (DNS issue maybe) it looks like it will keep running the repeat action until both are present. Any issues with this configuration that you've seen so far?

Yes that is correct, however I have not had such DNS issue in the last 3 years or so.

Great, thanks for the quick feedback. I setup this rule today and I've been testing with pretty good success, now I just need to power down the router \ switch long enough to put the ZW outlet in there. Thanks again for the details on your rule.