Internet goes offline at times

Nothing HE related, more of a general Internet question

Now and then I will lose Internet. Google and Alexa agree. Then in a few minutes it is fine.
I have no idea if it is on my side or if Spectrum is going down for a few minutes. Is there a way I can look at my Netgear CM600 cable modem or my Tenda AC23 router to seeif any errors were logged?

If the Netgear is logging the disruption you should be able to view it by going to Advanced | Adminstration | Event Log


If you can see the lights on the cable modem at the time of the outage that may give you an indication as well. Usually if the internet light is on solid it means the cable modem is online at least as far as the CMTS is concerned. That doesn't mean you necessarily can access the internet but if the internet light is flashing it's definitley an upstream issue.

Do you have any non-wifi devices connected? If so, do they continue to function?

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Good question! If something plugged directly into the router continues to function it could be a wifi issue.

Is this cable modem supplied by Spectrum? Or is this your personally owned cable modem? If the latter, I recommend stopping by your local Spectrum store and picking up one of their cable modems. They do not charge a rental fee (at least where I live, they don’t) and they can no longer blame your personal equipment for their issues. I switched my personal Motorola modem for Spectrum’s, and my intermittent internet outages have ceased.

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This is a modem I purchased. WAF is dropping so I get anxious.
Found a log file in the cable modem that is gibberish to me. Perhaps someone more knowledgable than I (which is most everyone here) can decipher it.

Can only offer that is must be a reasonable age, my D7000 router (with a dead modem after a storm) is probably 7-8 yrs old I would think. I'm thinking probably worth an upgrade if you can afford it, at least for the modem part. My ISP emailed me recently to tell me my modem may be out-of-date soon, and I in Australia.... :wink:

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This is just my experience, but I have nothing but intermittent internet disconnects daily with Spectrum internet at a house that I inherited and am currently selling. I had trouble with the Netgear router previously, which is why it was available, but not to the magnitude of what I am dealing with now. I also tried an old TP-link Archer C-7 I had but the issue persisted. Spectrum said there were no issues on their end, and I didn't have the ability to stay at the house to try to resolve the problem. My suggestion is to do what @ogiewon suggested and if that doesn't resolve the issue, get the Spectrum gateway since they will probably blame your router on the issues if you don't. Otherwise, I recommend AT&T fiber, which is what I have at home.

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Just lost Internet again. Couldn’t logon to the cable modem. All lights on rhe cable modem are green and one is flashing green.

which one is flashing green? The fact that you couldn't log onto the cable modem would seem to indicate a problem on your internal network since you should be able to log onto the cable modem via the local port. Unless the admin console is cloud-based, which would be a real bummer. PS: description of LED may be sufficient. I don't think they are labeled. I'm gonna guess the ethernet light is flickering, which simply indicates activity. But let's make sure.

When the internet is down you said you can't log into the modem... I assume from a machine connected to your router. Does it give you an error? Like a 404 error. And can you ping the cable modem? Can you ping any other device on the network? If you can ping other devices on the network and the cable modem then your problem is likely not your local netork.

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Naturally the problem has not occurred since. I have no computers hard wired to the router. 3 iPads , 2 iPhones, 1 Win10 WiFi desktop, 1 Win10 WiFi laptop. There are 5 lights on the cable modem. When the problem is happening, they are all green. Top 4 were solid green and the bottom one was blinking.

It has not happened for a while then it did it several times just now. Up and down. When it is down, this is what the web interfaces for the router looks like

I am unable to logon to the cable modem when it is happening.

All connections have been disconnected and reconnected.

The modem's error logs (timeouts and failed ranging requests) indicate issues on the line to your cable modem. If the connection to your ISP is coax, have you checked to make sure it's OK (no loose connections or defective splitters) where it enters the building?

Might also be worthwhile checking to make sure you don't have this scenario (fixed by removing an unecessary filter at the outside drop): internet connection - Cable modem suddenly has connectivity problems, captured log: what do these errors indicate? - Super User


Spectrum was out 2 months ago because of this issue. The tech hooked up his magic meter and said something like the down was ok but the up was not. He found a corroded grounding block outside the house and replaced that and the connectors. Magic meter said all was good. No problems for weeks then it will drop about 5-10 times then it is fine for hours. Just had an episode an hour ago. Now that I have a web page open to monitor the cable modem, it is behaving.

Here is a bit of the log when there was no Internet

I've had the same issue twice in the last few years while working from home. We have copper from the house back to a box in the street, and same issue of corroded connections along the street. And I had the same issue of my upload being affected. They can often pinpoint the distance (in terms of the cabling) to where the fault is.

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I really cannot recommend enough simply using Spectrum’s free cable model instead of your own. It really is the only way to force their hand to have them correct the problem once and for all.


This is excellent advice. I had a similar issue with Cox from October 2015 to April 2016. It resolved only when they ran a new line into my house. But getting them to run that line was a no-go until I rented/used their modem for a couple months.


I will call Spectrum today and have them install their cable modem.

Thanks to everyone.


I was a BISCI certified cable tech for years. Cable lines attenuate for a bunch of different reasons, most common are temperature swings, kinks in the run, water intrusion into the cable from cuts or improper fittings. If the run is really old it may be worth "Accidentally" cutting the line with your shovel and have them come run a new line. Additionally, if you use your cable for TV service as well it would be good to get a PPC splitter. It will drastically improve your link over a regular splitter. This is similar to the one I use. The good thing about it it is that the signal coming in is boosted so the signal to every device is at the same db as the line coming in after the split so you don't end up too hot. Also active return so it will work with on demand stuff. I've installed a ton of these and I can't tell you how many times it's resolved the issue. if the line is split outside, get rid of the other splitter and split directly off this. You can use a barrel connector and some dielectric grease to connect the cable back where the splitter was.


Spectrum ran a test and will be here Wednesday. I am going to do my best to have them replace the coax from the pole to the house. Many years ago we had an ice storm that knocked out power for 3 hours short of a week. A tree limb fell on our coax and pulled it off the pole. The crew probably just cut it and put a new end on. Of course it hasn’t happened since this post.