Internet access to your Hubitat?

Is there a "built-in" way to enable remote access to your Hubitat?

Trying to access from the internet yields the following message:

Click on your location name link to connect to your Elevation hub. Register your hub to the cloud to make it available.

NOTE: Must be on the same LAN as your hub to connect to your hub.

The statement, Register your hub to the cloud to make it available, makes it sounds like there's a configurable option within Hubitat to enable remote access but all I could find were port forwarding and VPN recommendations.

A REGISTERED hub, means that Apps running on your hub, like the Hubitat Dashboard, are accessible via special App generated URLs from outside your home network.

There is no built-in method for accessing the Hub’s admin web page remotely. Many of us who desire to do so use OpenVPN on our home routers to provide a secure encrypted connection into our home networks.

Do NOT forward any ports to the Hubitat hub via your home router, as you would be inviting hackers into your network.