I received a FB post from a friend about fixing my seasons driver to use Svenska (Swedish) language for my seasonNames. It wasn't hard to customize the tile and change 4 words but it brings up some interesting questions.
In this case, I had recommended to my friend to try an HE hub. Swedes are almost all fluent in English so working on his hub was no big deal but - his kids wanted swedishs on dashboards. His very next question was to ask me to fix other apps and I ran for the hills.

I did a search and advanced search on internationalization here in the community and can't find any discussion about it. Is there any current discussion on this matter anywhere I can catch up on? a definitive statement maybe from HE?

Generally speaking, we have not done much in the way of internationalization. The most prominent places it has been done is our Alexa Skill, and TTS drivers. Beyond that, the hub UI is in English.