Intermittent "Lights Off" group

I've got a "good night" rule that turns off a lot of devices. It consists of two groups (indoors and outdoors) with about 10 devices in each group. The rule runs from a button push, with both groups listed in the rule one after the other .

About every third or fourth time it fails to turn off one of the devices. The device has fairly decent radio signal, like 15DB. It is located about half way down in the first group.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but would anyone know what I can try to eliminate this problem? Would there be any differences between using a group vs listing every divice directly in the rule?

Zigbee or Zwave? Turn on metering in the groups, I do 200 for small groups and and 400 for larger (zwave devices). Also for a large group you can enable the on/off optimization which will only send commands to devices which need to change state instead of sending all devices OFF when half may already be off.

Lastly, you can also add each group to the rule separately with a delay between them.

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My setup is all Z-Wave Plus. I have optimization turned off as I tried that some time ago and a few of my devices wouldn't turn on/off. I'll try the metering- that might fix my problem.