Intermittent Connectivity Issues

The connectivity to my hub seem intermittent since I upgraded to a few days ago. When trying to connect via a browser, I regularly get the following error:

I am trying to upgrade to in hopes things will be resolved, but it keeps timing out on the download. Below are some checks I've performed based on other posts and additional information that may be pertinent.

  • Hub can be found via Hubitat Portal
  • IP address is static in my router (Google WiFi) to
  • Pinging the device shows intermittent replies (screenshot below)
  • Hub light has been green each time I look
  • I've rebooted through the UI as well as unplugging for 15 seconds
  • Hub details below in screenshot


I finally got the update to run and install version I am still having the intermittent connectivity issues (same symptoms noted above).

RESOLVED: After much debugging, testing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth... it was the Netgear switch I was using. A recent power outage must have messed it up. After swapping that out, things have been working great!

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