Intermatic HA01C Z-wave device help

Hi All,
New Hubitat user here. Moved over from the Vera3 which had the Wan port and wifi die with no way to access it any longer. I was not able to exclude all my devices so I am pushing on. I have some Z-wave GE 45612 wall rocker switches that I got my initial one excluded and included so far. However I cannot get the Intermatic HA01C duplex outlet to exclude or include. It has a button on it but I don't have a clue if its a single push or other sequence. Looks like a single push. Can anyone offer me some help to get these devices running. I have three of the Intermatics and would hate to trash them.
Thanks in advance.

These are 100-series z-wave devices that are restricted to 9.6 kbps. A whole bunch of these will bog your z-wave mesh down. Can I strongly urge you to replace them with something more modern like 500-series or 700-series outlet?

In any event, here are exclusion and inclusion instructions from the manual:

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Thanks, I have that information. I was hoping to hear from someone with some experience with this device on Hubitat.

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