Interactive Technologies CueServer (DMX Controller)

Hi all, I have a bunch of outdoor lighting all driven through DMX decoders. I originally was controlling these with a Raspberry Pi + USB DMX interface + Node-RED + custom playback engine but the SD card died and wanted a more off-the-shelf solution.

I needed something that:

  • Is a commercial product with docs, support etc
  • Is a standalone DMX controller that can play scenes for holiday lighting etc
  • Has a network interface
  • Can be controlled by other devices through an API

So I found one of these "cheap" on ebay:
CS-816 CueServer Express

Does everything I want and can trigger any command with simple UDP calls which I can (in theory) do from Hubitat.

I've just started getting into Hubitat Dev so will be posting my progress on connecting these devices here. Stay tuned!

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How about this?

Or, this, but it isn't ethernet:

@fuzz.iot !'m Always on the lookout for something more affordable/new as the only reason CueServer was viable was an ok Ebay sale and it's also 10+ years old.

I also found this thing:

Once I get my system back up it's almost cheap enough to buy one just for testing.