Integration with Xiaomi cameras

Hi guys,

Apart from using blue Iris, wich I plan to purchase soon, but I don't have a notebook for that purpose right now, is there a way to integrate these outdoor cameras with Hubitat ? I mean, to get camera motion detection alert to be able to customize actions, like turn on lights sirens etc and to be able to have image from cameras to show on a display.

I've these two models, but didn't installed yet.

#Aliexpress R$ 147,52 27%OFF | Xiaomi Smart Camera 270° 1080P Outdoor N1 WIFI webcam H.265 IP66 Night vision Voice call alarm AI Humanoid Detection Camera

#Aliexpress R$ 149,75 43%OFF | Xiaomi Mijia Xiaovv Outdoor Panoramic Camera Surveillance camera Wireless WIFI High-definition Night vision Work With Mijia APP


I bought a couple of Wyze cameras to play with. They are somewhat similar to some Xiaomi cameras. All you can really do with them in Hubitat is some motion sensing and you have to use IFTTT for that - clunky and not really advisable. If the cameras can be convinced to do RTSP then you may have other options like Blue Iris or MotionEye or or .... You won't really get them integrated into Hubitat Dashboard without a lot of work. IMO.


Thanks @ccoupe.
I'll research for a reliable and easy to integrate camera system then.

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