Integration with Feit Electric Smart Bulbs

I am looking to see if anyone has found a way to get FEIT Electric smart bulbs to work. Costco has them on sale for 16 dollars for two. These are multi-color bulbs which is a good price, but not great if I have to use there app.

They say after digging that they have no IFTT support. They are not or I have not found them on the Hubitat supported device list. They are wifi based and work with Echo and Google home. I do not have either of those at this time.

Here is the link to the product

I made virtual contact sensors for each bulb and then use an Alexa routine to turn them on and off. I use the Feit app for color changes.


Here is my post from my effort to get them to open up:

Thank you for the idea, I did the same, it works fine (Alexa routine) when i press open and close directly on the device, but how can I toggle virtual contact sensor state in a dashboard???