Integration of Bosch Smart Home controller II?

Hello, is there any option to integrate the new Bosch Smart Home controller II with Hubitat?

I am from europe and would like to use the Bosch smarthome for managing all my lights and raffstores, but for a all autoamtions and Dashboards I would like to use Hubitat. Can anyone help me here?

Thanks in advance

I don't seem to see anyone thats done it for HE but... there is an integration for HA and the Bosch API seems documented:

Hello thank you very much for the reply, so that means if I could get someone with Development Background they could probably integrate the Bosch smart home into hubitat? Sorry If thats a weird question, Im fairly New to hubitat.

Is that part of Home Connect?... (I have a bosch hood and have it in that) If so, then Bosch Home Connect is already community supported and available through Hubitat Package Manager

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Hello, there are 4 Apps by Bosch, regarding Smart Home.

  1. Home Connect
  2. Smart Home App (Thats the one I am interested in :slight_smile: )
  3. Home Connect Plus (integration for example Aqara)
  4. Bosch Smart Camera App (not needed in my case)

As I said I am fairly new to Hubitat, but would love to discover a way to use Bosch Smarthome with Hubitat together.

Looking at their site, yea I see it's not the appliance stuff... I'm sure the api is likely similar. You could ask @rfg81 if he's willing to take a look at it. He did the Home Connect integration. Another option depending on what you have equipment wise, you may be able to use it through let's say Alexa using virtual switches/contacts etc.

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Hello @rfg81 I saw you made a integration of home connect, is there any chance you could look into bosch smart home app as well? or maybe home connect PLUS? There is a integration of bosch into Home Assistant, but I really want to stay with hubitat only - that one is called Bosch SHC.

Or maybe could the home connect option be used for home connect plus too somehow?

Hi @user4482 ,

Sorry but as I don't have the devices used by the home connect PLUS, it would be really hard for me to try to support them. I just have a dishwasher and it was a bit troublesome to support the other devices due to the aforementioned reason. Hopefully another developer who has any of these devices could jump in and add the support to my integration, it would help a lot.

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