Integrating My Worx Landroid Mower Into Hubitat

After a bit of alignment, I have integrated the Worx Landroid mower into Hubitat. The one and only issue the mower has (rarely) is that it can get stopped when returning to the charger and sometimes may get stuck which will cause it's daily programmed mowing to stop. I will say that I have no mowed in a year and this is rare, but it does happen. I added a Smartthings V5 Multipurpose sensor to the charging base which is covered from the elements and added the magnet to the mower. I know that the mower will always return by 5:00pm so I have a RM4 rule to announce to the house speakers and my phone if the contact is not closed by 5:15pm.

I also painted the magnet and it looks like it is part of the mower haha :slight_smile: And then the modified doghouse keeps any strangers from being very curious :slight_smile:


Any details on how you've integrated this into hubitat?

Yes, I added a Smartthings Multi Sensor to the charging base and mower (pictured). The only issue with these mowers is very rarely and randomly they will get stuck or stop on debris in the yard and not charge. Also, I like to just ask the house if it is running rather than walking the property to find it.

I have an alert that tells the house and my phone if the mower is not docked after if should be parked also, so I can find it and plug it in. This has only been needed once this summer so far :slight_smile:

thanks. I thought you might have found a way to start and stop the mower from hubitat or smartthings. It is possible, just need to find a way to bridge the apis I think.

So I'm assuming other than a SmartThings sensor to check if it's come home or still working, there is no integration with hubitat? Is there an api available for someone clever to right a driver for it? Which obviously isn't me as I'm not at that level.

Yes there is an API, maybe not the most elegant I've ever seen but there is one.

This is how I poll data from my landroid.

curl -s --max-time 5 --user "admin:NNNN" http://[landroid host name/ip address]/jsondata.cgi

NNNN is the pin code. Would probably be ok to put the URL in a browser to try it out. My landroid is parked for the winter (shared with my neighbor so no access to it right now).

I'm polling data from the landroid, publish it to a kafka topic (have a kafka cluster), process that data with apache/flink, stores it with influx and present it using grafana. Everything runs as docker containers (using docker swarm mode). Overly complicated? Yes, definitely, but it's my job to do these kind of things so... not hard at all for me. :slight_smile:

Got my hubitat yesterday so I can't say what's possible or not, might give it a try once my landroid is out cutting again.

Yes definetely over my knowledge then... Hopefully there can be direct integration one day without the need for a rpi.. I used to have a rpi for homeassistant but corrupt sd card multiple times ended that for me.. Perhaps a Linux virtual machine which I used for to flash the tasmota over the air.... But @MagnusL idea is over my head

If you ever want to go back to an RPi, you can boot and run off USB or SSDs now without an SD and the setup is relatively easy (if I am able to do it). I have three RPi4s running off of 128 Gb USB SSDs; one has Home Assistant.

I see that Landroid has a much newer product line and app.
Any chance anyone has upgraded and started working on an integration?
I do not have the new model (yet) but would be much more inclined to buy if I could monitor and control via HE.

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