Integrating Globe Electric Wi-Fi bulbs and light fixtures

I have a bunch of Globe Electric light bulbs and a Globe light fixture that I am trying to connect to my Hubitat so I can control in HomeKit. All the wifi lights in my daughters bedroom are Globe and I can't find any information anywhere on how to integrate into Hubitat. One of the reasons I bought my Hubitat was to integrate Globe and Govee products into Homekit. Unfortunately I can't find a single thing on Globe.

Globe is just a branded Tuya device. You might be able to use [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support) to get them into Hubitat. What you would do is reset the Globe fixtures and add them to either Tuya or Smart Life. From there, you can see if the cloud driver works. If it does, you would still be using the cloud, but my experience is that it works very quickly. It is how I brought some Treatlife switches into Hubitat; though, I'm slowly phasing them out to stuff that works without the cloud.