Integrating DIY Arduino etc

Is it possible to integrate a DIY device that has its own settings like flashing a led or turning on light with certain rules already built in?

If so when it integrates can certain rules be stacked and not collide with a rule for a motion sensor that may be triggered at the same time?

It all depends on how you communicate between them.

I have Arduino code running on ESP devices that host a webpage that accepts commands that I send from a custom Hubitat driver I wrote.

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Depends on the device. For Arduino devices, look at @ogiewon's Hubduino integration.

Depends on how you write your rules. But yes, in general this is possible.



This is something I can work with, but at the moment it seems time is needed to research hubduino. Being through spotlighting a few terms in the hubuino link it is clear that no other boards eg; Mega, Nano etc have yet to be implemented as the main connection. So is it possible to interace from a mega then ESP or does it have to originate from the ESP as the main board?

Hopefully tomorrow there will be some off these in hand to start the process.

Editting note. Its been a few years since hubduino was first released. Gosh this is going to be fun if I can get the stuff im imagining to work. It will be a few days before the hubitat comes in.

Thanks for your feedback also!

HubDuino supports many hardware configurations, as listed in its ReadMe on GitHub.

Turn your Arduino UNO/MEGA/MKR1000/MKR1010/NANO33IoT, ESP8266, or ESP32 into Anything you can imagine! HubDuino/ST_Anything is an Arduino library, sketch, and Device Handlers that works with your hardware to create an all-in-one SmartThings device.

  • Arduino with SmartThings ThingShield (ThingShield no longer sold)
  • Arduino with W5100 Ethernet shield
  • Arduino with W5500 Ethernet shield
  • Arduino with WiFi101 Shield (or Adafruit ATWINC1500 module)
  • Arduino MKR1000 (has integrated WiFi101)
  • Arduino MKR1010 (has integrated WiFiNINA)
  • Arduino NANO33IoT (has integrated WiFiNINA)
  • Arduino with ESP-01 for WiFi (Warning: This has never worked all that reliably)
  • Standalone NodeMCU v1.0 ESP8266-12e
  • Standalone ESP-01 (or really any ESP8266 based board)
  • Standalone ESP32 board

Hope this helps explain it a little more.

These days, the simplest solution is to use an ESP8266 or ESP32 based microcontroller. Both are very robust and reliable.

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I have the Nano 33 IOT already, Just trying to figure out if the latest Hubitat is required as well or would a version 7 or earlier suffice?

Any version of Hubitat will suffice. But you might find the responsiveness to be substantially better with the latest version (C-8 Pro).

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If you have any questions or issues with the Nano 33 IOT, let me know. I can pull mine out of the drawer, dust it off, and make sure everything still behaves as expected. It has been a few years since I have fired that little board up! :wink: A lot of things have changed with the Arduino IDE during those years.