Integrating a dimmer (Hue) with automated scheduling?

This is one part technical question and one part just looking for suggestions on what others are doing. My main Room Lighting app is running 8 lights in my living room as a semi circadian lighting - not quite, but I have 8 or so transitions throughout the day. I'll probably add more. This is great and hands off for the most part, but of course there are always times where we want to be able to deviate from the automated schedule and turn the lights up or down or a different scene.

For the general suggestion portion, how are people handling stuff like this? I feel like you need to simply pause or turn off the RL instance if you're going to be using external controls? I've found it to be annoying even if I manually adjust lights, on the next transition they're going to get back on the normal schedule, which can be frustrating if you didn't want lights to come back on or something. So do you just have any dimmer interaction turn off/disable the RL app, maybe using one of the buttons to turn it back on? Or anyone doing something different?

As far as actually configuring this goes, I imagine I'd have to set up the dimmer in a separate app, as well as using it in the means to activate/turn off as needed? I didn't really see any place or options in RL where dimmer setup is directly integrated, if I'm not mistaken.

I run circadian lighting at home using [RELEASE] Day Lights - an iteration of Circadian Daylight, a hub variable, and Room Lighting along with various sunrise/sunset coloring scenes. It's all automated, so that no one needs to adjust anything, but if someone wanted to adjust the level, it would not affect anything at the next transition (which is every 5 minutes due to the app).

As for your questions, there are a few ways to solve these issues. For level changes, the easiest way to solve this is using a Hub Variable to track the level of the lights. Then have Room Lighting active the level of the lights using the Hub Variable. This way, when your transition changes, the level would not be adjusted. When the light turns off, you could have a rule that sets the Hub Variable back to your desired starting level. This way, the lights will always come on at the level you prefer.

Scenes are definitely trickier; though, it depends on what exactly you mean. Are you asking about things like scenes from the Hue app? It's possible, but you need to have Hubitat activate them rather than the app. If you go this direction, then it is possible to limit the activation in Room Lighting when the scene becomes active. This would prevent transition changes (though it would affect the level Hub Variable from above).

Finally, with the dimmer, it all depends on how you want to set it up. I use [RELEASE] Switch Bindings 2.0 to bind switches with my Hue Bulbs along with putting the On and Off in Room Lighting's Means to Activate/Turn Off. It works really well and might do what you need to.