Integrate camera in hubitat

Hello, how are you friends, I am a Spanish user, and recently I started with hubitat, I have seen in many dashboards that they have a camera, I would like to know which camera is integrated into hubitat, since I need about 2 or 3 for my house, I hope they help me and thank you very much friends.

I posted a question to your other post on this subject - I asked if you could explain more about what you want to do. It sounds like one thing you want is to have a camera display on your dashboard . . .

hello yes friend, I have been looking and I can not find anything, I see that many people have it on the dashboard, and I love that idea, since I could do scenes with it so, thanks for helping me

You may be able to find a good bit of information right in this forum by searching on the words dashboard camera.

There are several ways to do this. I suppose the simplest way is to use a camera that provides images in a format that can be presented directly by a web browser, such as jpeg or mpeg.

Another approach is to connect your cameras to a system that serves as a video recorder. I used this approach for some time with a system called iSpy. The cameras connected to the iSpy server and the iSpy server provided me with a URL in a format the browser could present without needing any plug-in software. Blue Iris is another product that provides similar capabilities.

You may want to consider other things that you may want to do with the cameras beyond just viewing them on the dashboard. When I had iSpy, I had rules setup in Hubitat so that if motion was detected in certain areas outside the house, I would receive an alert and my rule would send a signal (in the form of an http string) to my iSpy server, which would signal a camera to take a snapshot or turn on a camera for a brief time to take a video clip.

Some cameras can be used as a motion sensor. In this scenario, your camera might detect motion, send a signal to hubitat (this could, again, be something like an http string), and your Hubitat rule could turn on a light.

Many, many, possibilities! I suggest searching and reading as you formulate what you would like your system to do.

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Search is your friend....

Displaying webcam live video stream on dashboard:

Activating virtual motion sensors on webcam motion and object detection:

I use a xiaomi 1080 camera and I can't connect to its IP, it won't let me ... so I can't do it, I've tried a thousand things and nothing, do you know of any camera that can be accessed via IP?