Insteon what?!?!?


I have an Insteon Hub and have the garage setup with an I/O Linc Kit, and the rest are plug-in modules, Motion Sensor, and extenders. Would buying a Yellow and setting up Home Assistant work with the Hub and or my devices and would I have to reset my hub for it work. Any information you can supply for my lack of knowledge that I may not have asked would be greatly appreciated! I've been with Insteon since they were local only and now I'm lost in the dark looking for the right direction.

Thx in advance!


Try this. I'll assume you have an HE hub?

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From where? I was an early backer of Yellow, and won't be receiving mine until June/July. From their CrowdSupply page, orders placed now for a complete Yellow will ship in December of 2022.

Orders placed for a Yellow without the (essential) RPi CM4 will be shipped between June and October. And where are you planning on purchasing a Compute Module 4 from? Nabu Casa won’t have any until July of 2023, and they're sold out at both "official" distributors (PiHut and Cytron Tech).