Installing switchbot api

I apologize in advance if this is already covered. I’m new to Hubitat and read through the switchbot api thread but couldn’t find a solution. I’m trying to integrate my switchbot devices and can’t figure out exactly how to do this. I’ve installed the driver (contact sensor in this case) and create a virtual device, select switchbot sensor from the drop down, save/update and it’s my understanding there should be a place to input token and secret key but there’s nothing. What am I missing?

Welcome to Hubitat!

Since all switchbot integrations are developed & maintained by community devs (i.e. not officially developed by Hubitat themselves), you'll always get the best support by posting your question in the respective community thread about that particular app/driver... That way, it catches the eye of the respective developer and fellow community users who have helpful experience with it.

I'd say tomw's switchbot integration is the most popular switchbot choice these days, but I think there are a couple others out there too.

If you are using tomw's app, I'd encourage you to post your question in that thread. Tomw's readme files (on his respective GitHub sites) are always very thorough though, so if using his app, I'd also encourage you to double-check your setup using the readme steps first.


This will be cloud-based integration.
If you want 100% local control consider to add Home Assistant. The HA automatically picks up
all SwitchBot toys. Then use Home Assistant Device Bridge to bring in all SwitchBot devices to HE.

Ok, will do. Thanks