Installing Netatmo Weather Station

I'm a brand new HE user who is furiously trying to move all of my devices and pistons from ST to Hubitat. After two weeks, I have only a few things left on my to-do list. One of them is to move my Netatmo base station and outdoor module to my HE hub. I found the code I need (I think) on github and installed it using HPM but cannot find instructions that describe next steps. So for, I've tried the following:

I created a Netatmo virtual device.

If I go to Apps Code, I see Netatmo Connect. When I select it, it opens a window that shows the code and allows me to select Oauth but all of the fields are greyed out so I can't enter my client ID or secret.

I see the basestation when I look at Devices, but there are no events. I'm assuming this is because the basestation isn't actually talking to the API.

Not sure if the attached screenshots will be helpful but I'm including them. Can anyone help? I'm clueless at this point and cannot find the info on this forum. TIA for any help.

Not sure how, but things are working. I uninstalled everything, reinstalled everything manually and generated a new ID and secret on the Netatmo website. Once I ran the newly installed app, I was prompted to enter a new ID and secret.