Installing 20 zooz z-wave dimmers. What is the best process?

I'm coming up on finishing a major remodel and master suite addition. I have bought 20 z-wave dimmers to have my contractor install. Should I have him follow him around with a tablet, installing 1 at a time while adding it to the hub? Or can all of them be installed and I can include them one at a time after the fact?

Install them all then pair them later at your leisure. If your using s2 you'll need the dsk key for each device.

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Yes S2 switches. Might be hard knowing which switch is which and the dsk key that goes with it after the fact. I haven't opened the box yet so not sure where/how it's printed.

@Shaxs I have several dimmers and switches from Zooz, some 2-1/2 years old, and a bunch of new ones. Just moved, brought my dimmers and switches with me. So far, 3 of the dimmers and 2 of the switches have failed.

Since you put in 20 of them earlier this year, can you tell me what your failure rate has been? Other good/bad you have experienced?

I bought about 14 more switches and dimmers last week to get my home done, and most are still in the box. With so many failing, I am considering sending the boxed ones back and going with Lutron or Leviton. More $$, but with my failure rate, it is probably a wash to pay more for less hassle in the long run.

I've never seen any negative feedback for the Lutron RA2 setups. Only positive feedback about how it always just works.

I'm not the OP but last July/August I had an electrician install over 60+ Zooz V3 Zen 23 & 24's at a clients. I basically went around and paired one at a time with no security in an outward pattern from the hub. There might be a switch or two that will need to be replaced due to over torquing or using the wrong size faceplate screws (ALWAYS USE THE ONES PROVIDED!!!!) but for the most part the switches/dimmers seem to all be working which was not what I was expecting.

I am not having as much luck with my Zooz V2 Zen 23 switches - I installed 15 or so upstairs about 3 years ago during a remodel.. About half of those are now becoming flaky - not reporting physical switch events (digital is fine). The Zen24 dimmers of the same vintage seem to be okay. I am working with Zooz support on this and they have been very responsive even given the age of the switches so kudos to them!

Also keep in mind the max load on your switches if you have any AND that they should not be used for exhaust fans etc. I've used GE Enbrightens in those cases.

Cost. Cost. And cost. :wink:

Oh, and more hubs laying around that you have to find space for, manage, and have a network connection for.

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And not everyone (my wife) likes the looks of the cheaper (but still pricey) Caseta switches.

For RA2 would only consider if building a new house where costs like that can be somewhat "hidden" amidst the other large expenses.

On a side note - I have a client where they recently had a Lutron Caseta switch burn out in their garage - was in a box with 2 others which were fine so was (probably) not wiring related. The electrician said he had NEVER seen that before.

@lewis.heidrick @JasonJoel @erktrek

I just ordered the Pro v2 Hub from Lutron and a bunch of Caseta switches and dimmers. Going to give that a shot. It is nice that unlike Zooz, their switches can handle lights and/or fans.

My wife loves the looks and simplicity of the Caseta switches, instead of the tap on/off and holding down to dim/brighten the lights. Wife-adoption of the technology, especially with the spend, is very important where I live :wink:

Anyhow, I am going to try one switch and dimmer out initially, and if the setup is not something I like, Amazon will get it all back.


Inductive loads are hard to handle if they don't use components designed for it. Small fans like bathroom vents probably aren't that bad but larger motors like ceiling fans usually cause issues with the circuitry and can actually cause pre-mature switch failure.

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