Installed new hub and migrated first devices from ST

New Hubitat user migrating from ST. Installed and registered the hub this evening. Had a few issues initially, but got those squared away with a DNS change. Starting slowly. Migrated 4 Cree bulbs, 2 Iris contact sensors, and a GE zwave outdoor switch. Implemented some simple automations using Hubitat Simple Lighting to control lights on/off with opening and closing of utility and laundry room doors, and an on at sunrise off at sunset GE switch automation for a fountain in the front flower bed. So far, all are working flawlessly without that momentary delay I had with ST.

Really glad to be part of this group and looking forward to learning from the experienced folks here.


Hubitat Hub needs a fixed address. You will want to modify your router to reserve an address. You've registered it, so it is using an address, best if you reserve that address forever. You'll use the MAC address that is on the bottom of the hub. (DHCP static reservation)

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Thanks for that information. I saw that recommendation in the documentation earlier and set up a static for the hub.