"Install Hubitat App" in Chrome?

I've been active in Hubitat for some months. My focus is on getting my automation working the way we wish and I've not been interested in any "apps"

However today I notices an addition to my Chrome (desktop) browser. In the 3 dot dropdown (i.e. settings etc). There is ..... "Install Hubitat App" !

I click on it and a small window opens:

I didn't proceed beyond this point.

I couldn't find anything relevant with a forum search.
Can anyone enlighten me?

When you click install, no new icon on your desktop?

Don't know did not go that far. I'm don't like to add "apps" unless I absolutely know what they do and I think they will be useful to me.

Well, you are much smarter than the average bear, then. Kudos!

I'm on a Chromebook, so I went looking for it annnnnnd click it! lol

It just stuck this board into its own window, like an app. It didn't add an icon to the chrome toolbar but did add an icon to the apps draw.

Good for mobile devices, 1 less click to get to the forums I guess.

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I haven't seen it myself but it's probably the Progressive Web App feature of chrome..

*Aggressive Web Apps

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Likely is some sort of Progressive Web app. I noticed it is only an option when I'm on

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Yea I saw that option.
It's only for the community.
Whatever this platform is that everybody uses.
(Not ragging on it, I like it.)

Yeah, I installed it a fortnight I go but I removed it yesterday. It doesn't add any functionality other than well nothing really.

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