Input for naming Child App not showing?

Is there any particular code required to show the input field for renaming a child app? It had showed before without me including any code for it, but now it is not showing at all. Not sure what changed...

There may be something different with single-vs.-multi-page apps here (single-page apps tend to add more magic for you without any work on your part at the cost of being less flexible), but I'm not sure I've ever written a single-page app on Hubitat, so I'm not sure if that could explain what you're seeing. Anyway...

I normally like to explicitly provide a way for the user to set the name of the app. Something like:

label title: "Customize installed app name:", required: true

If you're feeling really nice, you could provide an option to only show this if they want to customize the label (name) and generate a default one if not, but I think label is what you're looking for.

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Thanks, that did it. I think you're right in that the child app name field probably disappeared once I made it a multi-page app. I'll remember that for the next one now!

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