Inovelli zwave light slow to respond

I have an inovelli zwave dimmer (I think the first gen) and it seems rather slow to turn on / off from HE dashboard or with a button I programmed. Anybody have the same issues?Mainly turning it off takes a while.

Having seen this before with my Zooz plugs, I would say it's a mesh issue. Do you have any repeaters to put between the hub & the Inovelli switch. Or Can you temporarily move the hub closer to the switch?

Do you have ramp up turn on? Also if you were to estimate the time to turn on how would you say the measure of time would be?

great point I overlooked. It could be the ramp setting. I thought he was talking about the device being slow to respond to the command.

not sure how to adjust the ramp setting, but I don't think I have it turned on.
below is the log (I'm trying to use a button to control the light) and sometimes it operates with a minimal amount of lag, and other times it just doesn't do anything. I did a repair on the z-wave network. I have a mis-mash of zwave and Zigbee devices. in this part of my house I have more Zigbee, so maybe the zwave mesh isn't as good. I did move my HE a bit and it worked better, maybe?

Are you using the built in driver in Hubitat or the driver from Inovelli? I would recommend the driver from Inovelli since it has a lot of advanced features. A screen shot of your device configuration screen would help.

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