Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch S2 and Flash

I have been unable to get button presses to report to Hubitat using the Inovelli driver (LZ30-SN). Using the Hubitat built-in though, I get at least double tap up and down, and that's all I need. The built in has a Flash button, which starts flashing the notification LED, but I don't see a way to get it to stop flashing and go back to normal default color and level in the driver screen. What is the way to control flashing this LED in Rule Machine?

My goal is to flash the notification LED red when the garage door is open, then stop flashing and set it to the default color when the garage door closes.

Has anyone tried this? The Inovelli driver handles the notification LED perfectly, but I can't get that driver to report button presses so I can't use it.


Before you get too far, do you have an LZW30-SN (Red Series switch) or LZW30 (Black Series switch)? I'm assuming the -SN (Red) model, but if not, multi-taps (Z-Wave Central Scenes) won't work, nor will the "notification LED" techniques. It sounds like an LZW30-SN, at least from the driver you installed and the fact that you seem to see double taps in Hubitat, but if not, that would be good to figure out first.

If you only need double taps, Hubitat's built-in driver will work. Two taps up will give you a "button 1 double tapped" event, and two taps down will give "button 2 double tapped." Inovelli's driver is a bit different. They don't use "double tapped" at all. Instead, two taps up are "button 2 pushed" and two taps down are "button 2 held" (so they mis-use push vs. hold to represent up vs. down, but the button number is easy to use because it corresponds to the number of taps...then it gets a bit messy for hold and release if you need those, but that's another story). If you were looking for the wrong button events, that could explain that much.

For your particular use, I'd use the notification LED feature (if you have the Red Series). There are two ways to do this:

  • with Inovelli's driver, you can configure all the options (color, level, duration, and effect) for a "child notification device" in the parent/switch driver, which will create a "child notification LED" device you can turn on to activate that notification. The advantage of this method is that these devices are usable in standard apps that can manipulate switches, like Simple Automation Rules, Motion Lighting, and many others.
  • with either Inovelli's or Hubitat's driver, you can use the "Set Indicator" command. This is a custom command that most apps won't work with, but Rule Machine (or a custom app or any designed specifically to support this) can. For the setIndicator() command, the easiest way to get a value to feed it is with this calculator. You can then set this parameter to 0 to cancel/stop the notification (and/or set a duration on the notification with the calculator, and it will stop on its own).

The two specific things you asked for are do-able with either driver; all 5 taps will require a custom driver like Inovelli's.

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I definitely have the LZW30-SN. I made that mistake once before, receiving the wrong one from Amazon.

That tool looks useful.

I do wish the Inovelli driver would report button presses, I spent a couple of hours on it but couldn't get anywhere.

I think I have the latest versions..

  • Inovelli Switch Red Series
  • Date: 2020-06-02

It should. Do you see anything in the logs when you try? Or does "Current States" on the device page update when you tap/multi-tap the paddle? For example, with Inovelli's driver, you should see "pushed: 1" on "Current States" after 1 tap up, "pushed: 2" after 2 taps up, etc. (hard to tell here unless you try a different number of taps than you did the last time). Similarly, you should see "held: 1" for 1 tap down, "held: 2" for 2 taps down, etc. I think their non-standard "lastEvent:" attribute should also update with a representation of your last button press. The logs should also say something like "button 1 was pushed."

If you don't see these things, I'm not sure why, unless you have Z-Wave mesh problems that should manifest regardless of driver. It does look like you're on the latest version of both Hubitat's hub firmware and Inovelli's LZW30-SN driver (probably a good thing to check given recent Z-Wave changes on Hubitat).

I see none of that. I see a lot of debug and info messages with 1 press up and 1 press down, but nothing with any other presses or holds. I ruled out Z-Wave issues since I'm only 20' away from the hub and communication works with the other driver. Plus I do see the debug info with 1 press.

That's interesting. I guess I'd make extra sure you're using this driver: Hubitat/inovelli-switch-red-series-lzw30-sn.groovy at master ยท InovelliUSA/Hubitat ยท GitHub (or Hubitat's "Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Switch S2" if you're using Hubitat's driver). Otherwise maybe @Eric_Inovelli or someone on their team will have some troubleshooting ideas?

Did you create the button controller app entry for the switch when using the Inovelli driver? This is how I'm using all of the alternate clicks with my LZW30-SN Red Series switches.....

I created a rule machine app with the buttons as triggers, but the triggers never fired. This is the driver I was using:

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