Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN (LED Indicator)

I'm looking for some help with my Inovelli Red Series switch. I'm trying to make the LED light on the switch flash red (or any color) when my garage doors are open. I have SmartThings Multipurpose sensors on my garage doors. I know the switch works but I am failing to get the LED to notify me of the garage doors being open. At this point it's driving my a little crazy and I feel like the answer is obvious but I can't get it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

you need to go to the devices and then open the device page then go down the page till you see the notifications and change whichever one you want 1, 2, etc to what you want and then save. Should be good to go.

Take a look at this thread over here.

This is almost the same rule...and good luck

I use the settings in the Inovelli driver like @leeonestop said, and include those into a groups then use the groups in this rule to set them in the order of least to most important. It's always worked well for me.

Take a look at the community supplied app “Switch Dashboard.” I think it will do exactly what you want. I use it extensively for several types of door and window open notifications.


This ^

I use Switch Dashboard for precisely what the OP is trying to do. Works beautifully.


So what should I be putting in the categories in red? Sorry if this is obvious.

That top section is all temporary it just sends settings when you click them. The section you want to modify is the next set of setting boxes

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So I finally figured out the problem. I was using the wrong Inovelli driver (needed the 31 and was using the 30). Listen learned to pay attention to the specific driver needed. Anyways, thanks for your help everyone! This is a great community.

FYI Switch Dashboard has a built-in Inovelli notification calculator so no need to copy values. It also tries to unify notifications between Inovelli switches and dimmers. :slight_smile:

I recently setup this app and it works perfectly. Thank you!