Inovelli redline dimmers - 3 way - zwave association

I haven't seen anything recent on this in the forums so wanted to ask

How hard is it to set z-Wave association with 2 redline dimmers to replace the current 3 way set up

I want to have them control the same 2 invollei color bulbs in my foyer

I want to leave power on to the bulbs and it helps the WAF factor to have smart switches on both ends as she just wants to push a button.

Will both sides of the switch LED light up when the bulbs are on ?

I also have the bulbs set up to turn on to motion

I don't fully understand association yet , just when motion turns the bulb on, will the switches led notification on both switches light up ?

@bcopeland @Eric_Inovelli @dereklbartlett , your insight would be great

Did you ever get an answer to this?

I am choosing a new switch family and require something with good 3-way switch support. Though in my case, the load is dumb.

I’m using the Red Series switches with smart bulbs. I turn off local control so they are always powered. Then I control the lights and LED via HE. I have both Rule Engine rules and a custom app.

When you setup notifications for the LED it creates child objects. You can then turn those children on and off as required. For example I have one switch that isn’t associated with my security lights but it is in a good location. When my motion sensors are triggered I turn on child #1 which causes it to blink purple on and off. Three seconds later I turn on child #2 which is solid purple. Then when the motion stops I turn off child #2 and the LED goes off.

The only place I have setup a three way switch I have used a two button Pico remote in one of the locations. It works well.

If you want two red dimmers in a 3 way config using associations and controlling bulbs it’s going to take a bit of work.

First you can either use built in associations or you can use a hub rule. I prefer the associations as it’s so much faster and not dependant on any hub.

If you use associations, you are going to have to make sure you change parameter 12 on both of the switches or else when you set up the association it will creat a loop that will either flood the mesh or the hub with events. Mine are set to local so it only sends the association command when locally triggered.

Next, you are going to have to understand the wiring. You will have to wire it so both switches will have no load but power is sent through to the bulbs. I know you can disable the internal relay but I didn’t like how that operated when I played with it.

Once that is done set up the associations from each switch and then you can not only control the lights from each switch but it will be fast and the state will be mirrored between the two switches.

I don’t have the bulbs but I think if they support associations to you might want to set it up so when they are turned on remotely they state is also triggered to the switch.

The only con that I have found is that if you control one switch via your hub that will not be reflected In the other switch so you either make a virtual switch for that or include all into the hub automations.

Like I said it’s not easy but it can be done and works well. I have had no issues with this setup. The only difference is I don’t control smart bulbs with them.

Has anyone created code to keep the LEDs in sync when using two or more switches to control the same load?

I would like to change my whole house to Inovelli and mostly dimmers. Having them all have LEDs would make it look better and avoid having to have other brand switches (e.g. Lutron Casetta for 3-way dimmers).

JWetzel’s switch bindings app does that.

Yup. It’s doable. But don’t use code. Use direct associations.

First thing is when installing them you will have to wire it so only 1 controls the load and the others are just powered with no load on it.

Then make sure parameter 12 is set to local. I don’t know what their naming of it is but you need to make sure this is set or else a command will keep looping and flood the zwave network.

Then set associate group 3 and 4 on each switch. 3 I think controls the on off and 4 is the level. If you are just using switches and not dimmers then I think only group 2 or 3 needs to be set (I can’t remember off the top of my head).

Once you do this they will stay in sync, the led level will stay in sync. And it’s near instant.

I don’t recommend keeping them in sync through the hub as it much slower and is even worse when you are dimming as it will have to keep sending new levels. Associations are great and I use them with a number of switches in my house.