Inovelli redline dimmers - 3 way - zwave association

I haven't seen anything recent on this in the forums so wanted to ask

How hard is it to set z-Wave association with 2 redline dimmers to replace the current 3 way set up

I want to have them control the same 2 invollei color bulbs in my foyer

I want to leave power on to the bulbs and it helps the WAF factor to have smart switches on both ends as she just wants to push a button.

Will both sides of the switch LED light up when the bulbs are on ?

I also have the bulbs set up to turn on to motion

I don't fully understand association yet , just when motion turns the bulb on, will the switches led notification on both switches light up ?

@bcopeland @Eric_Inovelli @dereklbartlett , your insight would be great