Inovelli Red

Id just seen a video the DIY guy posted on the new novella red dimmers......i cant wait to try some. Well as soon as they are available again. looks like they are on back order.
Anyone use that feedback feature they have with the RGB strip on the dimmer? Thinking a couple of the master bedroom as feedback that the doors and closed and locked would be great!

They are nice dimmers.

In areas where I have automated lights I have set them up to pulse to show that its in an automated mode. If they are manually turned on then its just solid.

And at night when the alarm is armed, all the lights by the doors are red to show that it will set off the alarm.

There is so much more you can do too.

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Can’t wait till they get back in stock. Going to get a few just to play with

I'm a fan as well. I have a specific LED display that shows my garage doors are open.

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You can use this app to control the LED display:

Appreciate that. I just ordered some red dimmers and switches....will look for the app once they arrive. Cheers

I use a red dimmer led in the kitchen that shows the status of our Honeywell Vista alarm panel.

I had set on up like that...... then realized the reflection could be seen outside. Have to try another location.

I also use a switch LED to show if you garage doors are open. They are on the alarm but I want to know if they are open after dusk.

And a flashing alarm if any of the water sensors go off.
And a flashing alarm if the oil burner gets "locked out"

I would really like an e-paper display in the kitchen for status etc but I'm still working on that one.

I ended up installing 4 Inovellis. 2 dimmers and 2 switches.
I like the multi tap. Easy enough to set up. I have one switch ( for a fan) set to turn on 3 different dimmers To 30 percent on a double tap Great for some low light when letting the dogs out at night.
Double tap down and all 3 go off.
I have the leds set to show the garage door and lock status.
I’m sure I’ll think of some other statuses but to be able to look over to see if I left anytime open when I’m turning in for the night is a great option.
Also great to see if my patio lock is locked when I’m going out the main door.
Didn’t have much luck with the HE driver but when I downloaded the Inovelli driver from the Inovelli web site...worked like a charm!
Anyone setting up the status lights might want to check out Switch Dashboard. Very easy to set the status lights.

My only complaint with the inovelli switches is that the toggle switch plastic feels a little flimsy compared to my other switches. Not sure I'm describing it well but the touch doesn't feel high quality/durable. Time will tell I suppose. On the software side they're great.