Inovelli Red Series Switches - Power failure behaviour

Has anyone had issues with their Inovelli Red Series Switches not going to the proper state after power failures?

I have several of these, two of which I need to be in an always on state. I have tried to set the "State After Power Restored" to either "On" or "Previous".

What I have found however is that when the power goes out, the switches are ALWAYS off after the power comes back. They seem to think (either the switch or the hub, not sure which...) that they are on, which aggravates the problem. (They show as on on the dashboards / device status.)


I am wondering if this is something that should be brought up with Inovelli as either a hardware or firmware issue, or if it may be a Hubitat issue.

(Note: I am using the Inovelli driver, not the Hubitat one since that last one has missing functionality)

Feedback would be welcome!

I think this may be a bug that was fixed in the firmware update. The latest is 1.17 but check out the 1.16 release notes.

Fixed state sometimes not being restored properly when local protection is enabled.
Fixed when local protection is enabled, the settings for "State after power restored" did not work.


Thanks! I'll look into that!

I checked it out and that firmware update is for the Black series. That said, there is a beta firmware update for the Red series - I'll see with Inovelli if it may resolve the same issue. Fingers crossed!

Sorry.. sent the wrong link...

and if you do update, this is the latest version... it just doesn't mention the fix in it.

I think all the firmware updates right now are beta. I've updated all of my switches because the power reporting issue was hurting my mesh. I've had one issue with the dimmer beta but they will probably fix it.

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Ah! That's good. Thanks! I've placed an order for a ZWave USB stick to update... Don't have one yet... Will try it once it arrives... At the end of the month...

You can do the firmware updates with Hubitat. No need for another stick. I did all 30+ of mine. You can also revert the update if needed. Will need to contact inovelli support for a link to the older version if needed.

Take a look at this thread.


Oh!!! Good to know!!! Thanks!

Flashed one of my switches and can confirm that the problem was fixed! Thank you!!!


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