Inovelli Red Series Switch LZW30-SN Unable to update firmware

I have one of the Red Series switches (not dimmer) with * firmware : 1.09 that doesn't seem to want to update. I have tried with S2 and no security and get the same behavior: the firmware updater is just stuck at the "Requesting Device Start Firmware Transfer" and the switch locks up. I have tried other suggestions of power-cycling the switch before starting the process and still haven't had any success.

Has anyone else been able to update this firmware?

(@Eric_Inovelli Is there some magic for updating these devices?)

Might want to go to the Inovelli community for this question, chances are a lot higher over there :wink:

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@bcopeland Is this debug log helpful for solving these issue? On, after selecting this switch, I am getting debug log from Device Firmware Updater with this detail:

This is the Device Firmware Updater screen:

My non expert opinion is not good, upgradable=false, and # of targets=0.
Did you double check you have the correct file? My red dimmer has 2 files, 1 for the LED logic, another firmware for the switch itself.

I used an Aeon Z-stick to upgrade and had no issues.Never used HE z-wave upgrade path

This log message appears before the firmware file is selected. The switch only has one target from all the information I have been able to find.

Yeah.. I suspect either a bug in the switch or in the app here... it certainly should be upgradable and the fact that it lists the target tells me the app found something... not sure what to make of this.

I don't see the firmware file shown in the "Firmware File" dropdown. Did you add it after the screenshot?

Yes. As noted, the debug log shows before the file is selected; this is what i captured in that message and screenshots.

Ok, I am going to ask a silly question. You are on 1.09, what firmware are you trying to upgrade to?

The latest appears to be 1.19, but there are intermediate versions, like 1.17, did you try any of those?

Its a long shot and you've likely already tried it but perhaps a switch reset (20+ second on the config switch).

I tried with 1.19 and 1.17, but it doesn't seem like it even gets to starting the transfer of the file

Did you try rebooting and pulling the power cord for 30 seconds on the hub itself?

I'm curious what would happen if you installed and tried the older community firmware updater. Not that you should do this, mind you.

Today I rearranged my space and moved the hub to a more central location that is now within 15ft of the switch (through 2 interior walls). The connection showed directly connected 100kbps.
(Previously it was changing at times between direct and via one hop, and between 100 and 40 speeds.)

So, after a few hours of settling and a hub restart (yes, I have tried this before), I tried the firmware update without any extraordinary steps and, of course, it started right up and began transferring the image... at about 63% it hung and apparently zwave on the hub ( was locked up again.

Updating to now and will try again later.

I never got this to work for Zooz switches. Similar problems. The switches are solid with 40 or 100 kbps connections.

Well, my first couple attempts to update on failed with the firmware updater not reaching the point of actually starting the transfer and some combination of:

  • Switch became unresponsive
  • Hub z-wave locked up (no messages from hub)

Today I was finally able to get this updated.
Not sure what the magic is (or isn't), but this time the following process was used:

  1. Shutdown hub
  2. Air-gap Switch
  3. Wait a few minutes and power hub back on
  4. Wait a few hours (I was working today)
  5. Change device to "basic z-wave tool" driver (i doubt this is important, but like the logging of commands)
  6. Go into Device Firmware Updater and Update the switch

After just under 1 hour, the update was complete and getVersionReport shows:

Version Report - FirmwareVersion: 1.19, ProtocolVersion: 6.04, HardwareVersion: 1

Hey sorry -- I didn't see this until today. Yeah, I'm not sure if there's any pattern, but I've had a couple switches act up like this too and both of them just ended up working. Mine was a little different in that it kept saying, "wake up your sleepy device". In both instances, I got distracted for an hour or so and came back and it was magically working.

Glad you got it working though!

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