Inovelli Red Series Stacked Notification Driver

Hi guys,

My buddy tinkered around with the ST driver and managed to get multiple notifications saved in the order they occurred. Once the latest one turns off the preceding one is displayed. We did the modification for the HE driver. Currently testing it, works fine.

It might not be the most elegant solution, but hey it works.

Would you be interested in looking at the code and testing it?


I'd be interested in testing it. I have a RM rule that works the same way but modifying that is a little tedious at times although I rarely need to modify it anymore as I use groups for my inovelli notifications and just turn those groups on or off as needed in order of priority. I do have a few switches in the garage that I override their notifications if the mail has arrived when the rest are showing the garage door is open since I'm in the garage and know the door is open but want to know if the mail has arrived yet or not so I don't know if your driver would have that ability or could have it added?

I never used groups for the Inovelli notifications.

I had a similar situation than yours. I have a notification set up for the mail delivered (blinking green). I also have a notification set up for any of the doors is open (pulsating red). The problem started when someone opened the door after the mail was delivered. The mail delivered notification was deleted with the default Inovelli driver after all the doors were closed again.

This driver saves the notifications in the order they happen and once the last notification is cleared it shows the one before it.