Inovelli red series on/off wiring/configuration

Season greetings to this great community; finally got around to upgrading the house. I have installed an inovelli on/off switch in a 3 way with a dumb switch however i cannot get it to function 3 way.

The inovelli works fine in stand alone but toggling the dumb switch does nothing, tested the traveler but there is no output, what am i missing?

Several ways to wire these wrong, and only one to make everything work. I'd carefully review the drawings at: - concentrate on the dumb switch side as it sounds like the smartswitch side may be correct.

i thought so as well but some more info............. turning on the red switch gives 115V from the load terminal to terminal 1 on the dumb switch which turns on the light however when i toggle the dumb switch the light does not turn back on. Also when i turn the dumb switch to the position 2 it does not activate the red and when i turn on the red it outputs from the load terminal but the dumb switch is on position 2 so the light does not turn on.

Shooting in the dark here but maybe switch the traveler and load at the dumb switch...

Brother shot already fired......dud

can anyone say how the traveler works? i mean how does the red know the position of the dumb switch and how does the 3 way work?

Google 3 way switch images. There are many options depending on where the power comes into the circuit. You can blow a smart switch by wiring it wrong. I always start out by identifying which wires are what, then google a corresponding image. That's a very odd switch pictured there, I'd start with that's switch's documentation to figure out the traveler, which is usually the red wire, but not always

@Rxich & @thebearmay, i got the 3 way working. and the solution was really stupendous. It took me 4 hours to open each junction box (about 4) and trace all the wires verifying that wiring; once that was done i was still stumped so i disconnected the 110V double LED lamp fixture and used a normal CFL bulb which worked fine. Today i was about to remove the LED fixture and saw the labels on the two bulbs were on opposite sides so i placed both labels on the same side and voila the 3 way worked............ I am not sure but i am guessing that the LED bulbs need has a hot and neutral side that needs to be in parallel and not series........... just thought i would share the solution with you all.

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