Inovelli Red Series indicator status color

Ok, so I feel pretty dumb having to ask this question but here it goes...

I installed two Inovelli Red Series switches today - one dimmer and one of/off. They work great so far and I'm happy with them. I went back later to try changing some settings, as one of the things I would like is for the LED indicator light on them to be green while they are on (default is blue). On the device page, I found this setting and made the change:

Seems pretty straight forward to me. This worked perfectly on the on/off switch...but the dimmer remains blue while turned on.

What am I doing wrong??

You could try using the Inovelli drivers instead of the built in one. I do that and all of my dimmers use a custom color.

I just tried this preference with the stock driver ("Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer S2"), and it didn't work for me either. My guess is that maybe Hubitat got the wrong parameter number or value in their driver. Tagging @bcopeland since he can probably figure it out, though I think this particular driver pre-dates him. :slight_smile:

(Also, I'm about to release a custom driver for this device that I think is more Hubitatty than Inovelli's drivers and less messy but provides events for all scenes/button events on the device instead of maxing out at double taps like Hubitat's stock drivers do. If you're interested in testing, PM me and I can send you a link.)

I’ll take a look

Here's what I do to set my Inovelli LED Status bars (this uses the Inovelli Driver):

That's a crazy complicated rule.


The issue with any of the above is that the preference in thr Hubitat stock driver doesn't work. A custom driver with custom command (or child device like Inovelli provides) would both work around this problem and provide a way to automate it (unlike a preference), though I don't think that was a requirement for the OP--but can still be useful.

Bryan, if you haven't looked at this yet, my guess is that there was a typo in the manual whoever wrote Hubitat's driver looked at, and that probably made its way into the driver. Parameter 13 for LED color on the dimmer should be two bytes, like it is on the switches, rather than 1, which I think they had printed in the original manual (and maybe still do).

This makes handling the LED easy

You can give the inputs priority levels and it automatically falls back to a lower priority when a higher priority turns off.

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This app handle hsm status too?

I don’t use HSM so I was not sure

HSM is not on the native list of inputs and I can see that being a deal breaker.

In my usage I’ve created virtual switches that get switched by other RMs running.

Yes. I ran into this issue too. They haven't fixed the documentation yet. Note that this also means the data they submitted for z-wave certification has the same error.

Does it handle the "normal" LED though? A quick read makes it look just like the notification LED, which isn't what the poster wanted. And none of the above will solve the issue of there apparently being a bug in the stock driver preference. :slight_smile:

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Ah crap, sorry I misread the original ask.

I have three red dimmers but no switches.

I can confirm this feature does work with the red dimmers on 1.48 FW and using the latest inovelli driver available through HPM.

Using this driver I did find that it I had any value in the custom RGB value, the. The color selection in the previous option would not work. Maybe you can confirm this other value in your case is set to zero.

Yeah, Inovelli's driver works, precednece about which preference it obeys aside. It's the stock Hubitat one that seems to have a problem. My guess is that they obeyed the typo in Inovelli's parameter documentation (Inovelli did it correctly in their actual driver), but we'll see once they review the driver code, I suppose. :slight_smile:

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Good idea! Open an issue on GitHub and I'll see what I can do.