Inovelli Red S2 Dimmer Config Button Hold or Double Tap

I have been looking for quite a while and haven't found this specific answer. I am using the community driver (LZW31) for three of my Inovelli dimmers. I see that "button 7" refers to the scene button but only for s single push.

How would I make rule machine recognize a hold or a double tap of this button? Simply using 'button 7' double tapped or held as my trigger does not work.

Inovelli's community driver? In any case, the config button does not support any scene/button events besides single taps. This is a device limitation, not a driver issue. Hold and release are not exposed as scene/button events, likely due to resource limitations on the 500-series Z-Wave chips they're using and already pushing the limits of. Additionally, a double-tap is reserved for switch functions (clearing notification parameter) as is a triple-tap (inclusion/exclusion mode), so those would not be good ideas to try but are not "natively" possible in any case.

The only option would be to use a rule or custom app to detect multiple successive single taps if you trust yourself (or whoever) to do those physical actions reliably. A better bet is just to rely on the mulit-tap features of the main buttons, but I'm assuming you're asking because you either ran out of those, don't want to remember (that's a lot of events!), or have a cool idea not easily do-able with them as-is. A neat idea I saw on the Inovelli forums was to use the config button as a sort of "alt" button where pressing it causes the "main" paddles to do different actions and pressing it again reverts them back to normal. I think they used the LED bar color (the "regular" color, not a notification) to track that status and presumably tracked its states in a rule or custom app that was also performing the actions.

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Thanks for this. The driver is not the default on on hubitat, but another that I found here and installed.

It is too bad the switch is limited and can't do what I want to do. Every single one of my home projects has to be simple and not interfere with the normal function of switches - otherwise I'll hear about it from my fiance lol. In this instance, I'd like to have something to remotely lock/unlock one of my doors. The Inovelli dimmer indicator LED will pulse purple if the door is unlocked, so I figured it would be handy to be able to remotely lock it when and where you notice it. I could make the single tap toggle the lock, however that's much more likely to be accidentally bumped than say a double tap or hold.

I wonder how I would write a rule to recognize this reliably. Like I said, function and use of everything I do has to be simple, easily memorized, and generally bullet proof. I'm still hearing about the time I accidentally left the garage door open over night!

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