Inovelli red not responding anymore?

Is there a way to definitively tell if my inovelli switch is still alive?

It seems like it might have died yesterday morning at 4pm. I put up some christmas lights today and went to turn on the lights (connected to the inovelli and controlled to come on after sunset using the hub). This has been working for years, but this time when I tapped on the switch, the led indicator didn't come on.

Then I spent half an hour trying to get hubitat to control the switch or give me some indication that the switch is not reachable. Neither happened.

I did go into the Logs sectoin on the hub and clicked on the switch to see what log messages exist for it. I notice that it sends two MeterReports every hour while it is on. So I have log messages from Friday night starting at 5:18pm (probably just after sunset when Hubitat told it to come on) and then every hour until 11pm when hubitat told it to turn off. It also seems that I have one meterReport every day at midnight.

Then I have the midnight report saturday morning, and one at 4:20 pm yesterday. That was the last report and the last log entry.

The switch seems non-responsive. I have tried getting into the config menu using the config button but the light strip doesn't come on. I was wondering if there is some definitive way in hubitat to see that the device is unreachable on the z-wave network.

I have power cycled the circuit that the inovelli is on (which should cut power to the switch and reboot it). But the switch doesn't respond. I am sure it is dead for some reason...

I just went through this. Switch was non responsive. Luckily I pulled the tab on the front of the switch to cut power, rebooted my hub and it came back to life. I don't know what caused it, and the zigbee lights it's connected to were function fine via google voice. I've had it where some config gets messed up on the switch and it doesn't respond. You can check by changing the LED color on the switch via device properties and see if it responds

Unfortunately that didn’t work.
I think the switch might be dead. When I press and hold the config button nothing happens. I have posted on the inovelli forums to see if someone there can suggest something