Inovelli Red Dimmer - No Ramping?

So I have the option in RM to raise/lower/stop dimming, however I am getting errors in the logs stating that the device does not support raise/lower/stop? Confused.

app:702020-02-03 07:36:53.108 pm errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'stopLevelChange' is not supported by device. on line 5525 (allHandler)

app:702020-02-03 07:36:53.094 pm infoAction: Stop changing: Basement Downlights

app:702020-02-03 07:36:53.054 pm infoTest Pico: Pico1 released 4

app:702020-02-03 07:36:51.461 pm errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'startLevelChange' is not supported by device. on line 5520 (allHandler)

app:702020-02-03 07:36:51.442 pm infoAction: Start lowering: Basement Downlights

This is the key, and is exactly the issue. You'll need to talk to the driver author to have this looked at.

The device itself actually supports this, but Inovelli chose not to implement it their driver, perhaps because the associated capability doesn't exist in ST or they weren't aware that it does in Hubitat. You can probably steal the code from my custom driver at Hubitat/Red-Dimmer-LZW31SN-Advanced.groovy at master ยท RMoRobert/Hubitat ยท GitHub and merge it into theirs (mine does other things a bit differently so it's not a drop-in replacement but you could certainly just go all-in on it too if you wanted; other drivers required). If you aren't familiar with driver code, I can take a stab at merging this into theirs when I get home (I'm an Iowan waiting for my caucus to start at what is apparently a large precinct).


Ping @ericm

@bertabcd1234 Thanks for the info.

Can you please explain: what is the primary difference between your driver and the official Inovelli driver? What are the "other drivers required" to make use of your driver?

I am not familiar with driver code (groovy) at this time, but I may look into it in the future.

Mine makes child devices for the LED (the regular, off, and notification LEDs) so they can be arbitrarily controlled with standard commands from any app. The buttons are also renumbered (odd numbers 1-9 are taps up, even numbers 2-10 are taps down; config is 11), and button event names (pushed, held, and released) match the actual physical action. I have another post for these: [RELEASE] Inovelli LZW31-SN Drivers with Child LED Devices

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Thanks again @bertabcd1234. That link explained things quite well. I will give your drivers a test drive (no pun intended) and let you know how I go.

I have added this capability into the driver on my GitHub and have issued a pull request to inovelli's official github to merge the changes.. They have been merging my pull requests pretty quickly..

I have also updated the lzw-31 black dimmer and the multi-white lzw-41 and multi-color lzw-42 bulb drivers


Thanks @bcopeland, we have merged your changes to our master branch.


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