Inovelli (Red) Child Driver Setup

Hey All,

Got my Inovelli Reds setup... having a little trouble with the child switches for notifications. I'm hoping I didn't just do this in the wrong order and need to reinstall the switches in Hubitat...

I installed the dimmer, got it configured how I wanted it and started using it in RMs

I tried to enable one or two notifications... didn't see them anywhere, couldn't use them

Realized via a couple other threads it needed the child drivers, but didn't find a good walk through so I thought it must be straight forward.... so AFTER doing that, I installed the child switch drivers from github. I was expecting to see the child switches for the ones I setup notifications just pop up in my device list but they didn't. I tried changing the settings and saving (both save preferences and save device) that didn't work. I tried adding a new notification, didn't work. I tried adding a notification on another inovelli red switch (that one didn't have notifications enables already before the driver was installed). Still no lock...

Sure I'm just doing something wrong... Help appreciated oh how to install those child devices


Scratch that.. I'm an idiot....

For those reading this.. don't accidentally install "switch-level-child-device"... you need "switch-child-device"... that did the trick.... install that, configure notifications, save parameters, save device.... that worked for me

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I am not seeing any child device showing up after paring my Inovelli Red Dimmer. I added the latest driver for the dimmer and the best I can tell I am not to load the child drivers because the parent will use the built-in one from Hubitat. Anyway I don't see any virtual child devices being created to indicate multi-tap devices I can use in a simple lighting rule. What am I missing or not doing?

The Inovelli documentation has nothing about setting parameters on the Child Devices
I don't know what to enter here to enable a child device

Don't install that driver... it uses the generic component device instead that HE offers.

Sorry for my lack of clarity, I only installed the latest Inovelli parent driver for the red series dimmer not the child driver. However I am only seeing the parent in my device list.

I was looking for a child device based on multi-taps of the paddle so that I could use it in a rule. I was sadly mistaken with the power of this new Inovelli red series switches. Thanks to @bertabcd1234 he got me the solution on the Inovelli forum.

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